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Natural Gas Turkey (NGT) is an online initiative which aims to provide easy, free access to energy data and create synergy in the energy security measurement in the Turkish Natural Gas Sector. NGT’s primary objectives are to reduce the burden of searching for accurate energy data and bridge the gap between theory and implementation.

Natural Gas Turkey provides free and open access to its database and to the registered models which measure energy security in the Turkish Natural Gas Market.

The NGT Databank enables users to download pre-formatted data tables. NGT’s data collection has been gathered from officially recognized domestic sources. All data tables contain citations and external links to the original sources.

NGT’s Analysis Page contains simulations of different academic models within various scenarios. Currently there is one registered model available.The model measures supply security in natural gas markets and can be used to analyze possible reductions in energy demand and alternative supply scenarios in the Turkish Natural Gas Market.

We will continue to enrich our database and add to the available models, and we welcome suggestions as to how we can improve this site for users.

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